A Brave New Dawn for Consumer Data

Apex Network is using blockchain technology to build stronger 1-to-1 relationships between enterprises and consumers - transforming how interactions, information, and value is exchanged in the B2C engagement process.
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Centralised Data Ownership

A Broken System

It has become increasingly evident that the current model of centralized consumer data will not cut it going forward. Centralized data has lead to incidents like the infamous 2017 Equifax data breach, which leaked close to 150 million people’s personal information. Also the giant misuse of personal data obtained through Facebook and other social media platforms are a serious threat which can carry even political consequences.

But even beyond breaches and illegal use of data, the current model doesn't seem to work very well for the enterprises nor the consumers.
Problem By The Numbers
of digital advertising are not seen
of digital ads will be wasted on fraudulent activity or bots
of premium video ads is fraudulent bot activity
of consumers do not trust online banner advertising
of consumers  find push notifications annoying
Blockchain as a Solution

Apex Network’s Vision

The goal of APEX Network is through proprietary blockchain technology, foster deeper 1-to-1 B2C relationships, by giving enterprises newer optimized ways to approach marketing, CRM, loyalty, and customer experience, and at the same time maximizing value obtained by the consumer in all B2C interactions.
Key Points APex Will Focus On
Shifting the value distribution across B2C data and interactions towards a fairer and more balanced system.
Increased trust and transparency of the system.
Value conservation, elimination of middlemen, and replace with decentralized protocols.
Enhanced privacy, control, and security.
Optimized engagement levels and incentive for engagement.
Connected value instead of silos, convenient exchange of value and assets.
Apex Network Development plan

Bright Future Ahead

The company behind APEX Network is a Shanghai-based leading AI and data technology company Chinapex, focused on marketing, personalization, and CRM. R&D team of +35 world-class professionals ensure APEX stays at the forefront of B2C revolution.
Highlights from our roadmap
Late Q2, Early Q3 / 2018
Release first version of CPX Wallet
Q4 / 2018
Release APEX Blockchain Testnet
Release APEX Data Connector
Q2 / 2019
APEX Mainnet Launches
Q3, Q4 / 2019
Release DEX
Release APEXm markup language
Q3 / 2018
Release Beta Version of APEX Data Connector
Q1 / 2019
Release APEXVM and Smart Contract System with Scala and Java SDK
Q3 / 2019
Release Go SDK
Release DHT Cloud
Technology, Infrastructure, and Ecosystem

Partnerships and Brand Network

Strong network of partners is everything. Apex is one of 15 out of 1000 companies selected for Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai, the most selective accelerator in China.
On top of this, with 300+ B2C brands and enterprises in the customer ecosystem (with pilot programs to start as early as Q4 2018) we have the opportunity to optimize B2C interactions across all major consumer verticals.
"Apex evidently is not a company that plans to fit the traditional mold of crypto success, and at a time of overall market uncertainty, this is exactly what we need."
Steven Michael Thomas, Blockchain technologist and investor